Playing with Epistemic Power, ongoing collaboration on critical scientific literacy

w. Sara Giordano

You can read the abstract for a workshop we presented at the Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies, Metaphysics, and Science Studies conference in 2014 here:


Feminism and Neuroscience Working Group, 2011-2013

w. Jane Couperus, Jennifer A. Hamilton, and Banu Subramaniam

This faculty working group was funded by the Culture, Brain, and Development program at Hampshire College.

Here’s information about the program:


w. Traci Schlesinger, et al. “Beyond Criminalization” in The Limits of Equality: Sentencing Policies and Colorblind Racism. VDM Publishers, 2011.

Scholar-activist Traci Schlesinger invited me to join the collaborative writing of this chapter of her book on sentencing.  Here’s the book:

And here’s a link to Dr. Schlesinger’s profile:


Feminist Epistemologies Collective (eds), Marginal Research: Reflections on Location and Representation, 2002.

w. Clare Hemmings, et al.

I was part of the editorial collective for and, w. Sabine Grenz co-authored the introduction to, a short book published as part of the London School of Economics’ Research in Progress Series.  The collective formed out of Clare Hemmings’ graduate class, Gender Epistemologies and Research Methodologies (G:ERM).

You can read the book here:

And about Clare Hemmings and the Gender Institute here: